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French title 

Chassis No. SAXXNWAZRYD180877 

  • Same owner from 2000 to 2013 
  • Only two lady owners since new 
  • The best version and in an excellent condition 
  • No reserve 

This Mini 40th Anniversary belonged to just two owners, two women, the first of whom, a German, acquired the car from the dealership in Aachen. The car covered its first 78,000 kilometers with the first owner and was serviced at the official dealer network. The second owner, living in the very chic 8th arrondissement of Paris, acquired the car in January 2013. It was registered in France on 26 July the same year. In Paris it was maintained on a regular basis by the well-known specialist My Mini Revolution, where it underwent a comprehensive mechanical overhaul during October/November 2016, including the replacement of the roof and the fog lamps and a renovation of the bodywork, thanks to typical Parisian dents (invoice totaling €8000). In four years, the Parisian owner drove the car a bare 4,000 km, as it wasn't being used daily. The 40th Anniversary edition is the ultimate special version of the Mini, fitted with the most powerful evolution of the engine, the 1300cc injected unit. It was delivered new with a black leather interior and light colored piping, a dashboard in brushed aluminum and the famous sunroof. It will be delivered with all its original booklets and manuals, as well as various maintenance bills. A real little candy!

2000 Rover Mini 40e Anniversaire 2000 Rover Mini 40e Anniversaire 2000 Rover Mini 40e Anniversaire

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1961 DKW Schnellaster 800 S 

No reserve 

Sans titre de circulation 

Châssis n°30020700 

- Le " monospace " avant l'heure 

- Beau projet de restauration 

- Rare version sous licence espagnole

- Provenant d'une collection importante de Microcars 

- Sans réserve 

A la sortie de la guerre, l'usine DKW se déplaçait de Chemnitz à Ingolstadt où la production redémarrait. Un petit fourgon fut développé, et malgré les moyens limités ayant permis sa mise au point, il bénéficiait d'une allure amusante et moderne. Ce "Schnellaster", pour "transporteur rapide " était disponible en fourgon, minibus ou pick-up. Grâce à sa traction avant, il disposait d'une vaste surface de chargement. Il était équipé d'un moteur deux-temps de 700 cm3, puis de 900 cm3. Notre exemplaire est d'origine espagnole, produit sous licence dans ce pays par Industrias Del Motor S.A à Vitoria. Il n'aurait jamais quitté cette contrée avant son acquisition en 2015 par son actuel propriétaire français. Il est équipé d'un bicylindre 2 temps de 684 cm3. Ce "minispace" pouvant accueillir jusqu'à 7 personnes avec ses deux banquettes arrières, préfigure l'avenir de cette catégorie qui ne se développera que beaucoup plus tard. Ce véhicule qui aurait été produit à moins de 4 000 exemplaires est rare à la vente et notre exemplaire est un beau projet de restauration. 

Without title

Châssis n°30020700  

- The precursor of the monospace 

- Nice restoration project 

- Rare spanish licensed product 

- From an important collection of Microcars 

- No reserve 

At the end of the war, the DKW factory moved from Chemnitz to Ingolstadt where production was restarted. A small van was developed, and despite the limited means available for development, the van had a fun and modern look. This "Schnellaster", or "high speed transporter", was available in a van form, minibus or as pick-up truck. Thanks to the front wheel drive, it had a large loading area. It was powered by a two-stroke 700cc, later by a 900cc. The one on offer was produced under license in Spain by Industrias Del Motor SA, in Vitoria. It would have never left Spain before its acquisition in 2015 by its current French owner. Powered by a two-cylinder 2-stroke 684cc engine, this "minivan" is capable of accommodating up to 7 people with its two rear benches, and is a precursor to the monospace of the future, developed decades later. Less than 4,000 units were made and our example is a beautiful restoration project.

1961 DKW Schnellaster 800 S 1961 DKW Schnellaster 800 S 1961 DKW Schnellaster 800 S

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French title 

Chassis # 59FO11939 

Engine No. 59FO11939 

  • Prestigious provenance 
  • Restored by André Lecoq 
  • In a superb condition, sought after model 

Albert Uderzo is one of the greatest cartoonists of the 20th century. His most famous achievement is Asterix, which started in 1959 with René Goscinny in the magazine Pilote. Connoisseurs also know that Albert Uderzo is an automobile enthusiast, who assembled a significant collection, including great Ferraris. 

The Cadillac we offer comes from the same collection and was bought on 27 January 1988 by Albert Uderzo from a Belgian professional for the sum of 585,000 Belgian francs. He was looking for a car that dated from 1959, like his character Asterix! Two days later, the car was presented to the customs for import into France. In 1992-1993, Albert Uderzo entrusedthe Lecoq workshops with an extensive restoration work totaling more than 440,000 francs, a colossal sum at the time. This restoration was carried out with the collaboration of Bernard Afchain, a specialist on American cars. The car was preserved by Albert Uderzo as a sculpture. 

In 2012, the current owner acquired this Cadillac directly from Uderzo, as can be seen by the purchase certificate and the car is still in a superb condition today. The hydraulic jacks were changed recently and its operation is perfect. In a sky blue color with red upholstery, the car shows all the extravagance of the Cadillac Eldorado from 1959, the most sought after and the most famous. Its rear fins and tapered rear lamps reflect the optimism of an era that was completely taken up by rockets, jets and the conquest of space. Under the hood, the 325bhp V8 gives this impressive car sporty performance. 

The condition, the shape and the provenance of this Cadillac make this an absolutely exceptional car.

1959 Cadillac Series 62 Cabriolet ex-Albert Uderzo 1959 Cadillac Series 62 Cabriolet e... 1959 Cadillac Series 62 Cabriolet ex-Albert Uderzo

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French title 

Chassis n° EX1 - B118 

Engine n° TY7 - 21242 

  • In the same enthusiast's hands since 1979 
  • Known history from new 
  • Magnificent original interior, with patina 
  • Original colour combination, original engine 
  • No reserve 

According to records of the very active Amicale Facel, this car was delivered new to Paris on 9 December 1960, to a M. Jean Widmer (CEO of Établissements Sauter-Harlé), and registered 962 KL 75. Following the death of the owner, the Facel Excellence passed into the hands of M. René Puissieux on 25 October 1971. As it kept the same registration, we must assume the car stayed in Paris. On 13 January 1975 the registration changed to 5282 TV 38, in Isère. Exactly one year later, we find the car in the hands of a young Facel and Ferrari enthusiast from Marseille, who sold it in 1979 to the current owner, a former Amicale Facel member with a passion for collectors' cars. The car has been well preserved, thanks to the small number of owners, and is still presented in the original combination of colours, with a superbly patinated interior. 

As it has been driven infrequently in recent years, the brakes were serviced in 2016 and the servo unit changed. As on all cars belonging to our collector, electronic ignition has been installed. We note that the electric window system needs work. Fitted with its original engine, this is a matching numbers car. Due to a typing error, the number shown on the registration document is BH8 instead of B118. 

In the hands of the same owner for the last 37 years, this Facel Excellence exudes the sense of luxury and opulence that made its reputation at a time when Facel was one of the top French marques. The Excellence stands out for its level of finish combining luxury and exclusivity. The V8 Chrysler engine, powerful and versatile, offers a high performance to match. In period, the car offered a modern and stylish alternative to other marques such as Bentley, Cadillac, Mercedes and Maserati.

1960 Facel Vega Excellence 1960 Facel Vega Excellence 1960 Facel Vega Excellence

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French title 

Chassis # L410304 

  • Exclusive marque 
  • Thorough restoration 
  • A myth of the American automobile industry 
  • Coming from the collection of an enthusiast from South of France 
  • No reserve 

To compete with the Cadillac series 62 and Eldorado, Packard launched the Caribbean Convertible in 1953, directly inspired by the Pan American concept car. Built on a 310 cm chassis and featuring independent front suspension, the Caribbean was equipped with a 5.4-litre straight eight-cylinder engine producing 180 bhp and a three-speed manual gearbox. Just 750 examples were produced in 1953, and 400 in 1954. The Caribbean was the car to have in the 1950s, with the prestige of a marque that represented luxury and exclusivity. 

This Caribbean belonged to its previous owner for 12 years before being bought at Retromobile by the current owner. It underwent a comprehensive restoration around ten years ago, including an engine rebuild. The chrome work is immaculate, its burgundy livery is beautiful and the burgundy and white interior is exceptional. The model on offer is equipped with an 'Ultramatic' automatic gearbox, power-assisted steering and brakes, electric windows and hood. Here is an American car not to be missed, whose rarity in Europe would make it an attraction in rallies and shows.

1953 Packard Caribbean Cabriolet 1953 Packard Caribbean Cabriolet 1953 Packard Caribbean Cabriolet

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French title 

Chassis n ° 35147634 

  • A rare model in Europe 
  • Beautiful presentation 
  • Spacious interiors, superb finish 
  • Coming from the collection of an enthusiast from South of France 
  • No reserve 

Sold new in the United States, this Dodge Sierra was bought in 2003, when it was in Michigan, by an English collector who imported it to his country. The car was then in its original condition, and he entrusted a specialized workshop, which did a superb restoration of the body and the interior. Ten years later, in 2014, it was bought by our collector. With its spacious interior and large bench seats, big enough to accommodate six people comfortably, he wanted to use it to transport his grandchildren during holidays in the Luberon region. The two-tone paint is as beautiful as is the interior, with its elegant finish, handles, an ashtray in the back, rear deflectors, neat doorpanels and a dashboard that presents the luxury of a beautiful American car from the 1950s. The rear tailgate opens in two parts and the two wings with their chrome tip look beautiful. 

The engine compartment is "in original state" and houses a V8 engine, mated to an automatic transmission, controlled by buttons on the dashboard. Since its purchase, the car has been used sparingly. It is a great opportunity to acquire an unusual car that is rare in Europe.

1956 Dodge Sierra D500 station wagon 1956 Dodge Sierra D500 station wago... 1956 Dodge Sierra D500 station wagon

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French title 

Chassis n° AM300/3/1341 

Engine n° DBA/966 

  • Sold new in France 
  • Nice presentation 
  • Established sporting personality, sophisticated finish 
  • Coming from the collection of an enthusiast from South of France 

" The superiority of its gearbox and its driving qualities are almost irresistible " : this is how Paul Frère praised the merits of the Aston Martin 2/4 MkII in a column of L'Equipe during the 1950s. It must be said that David Brown had come a long way since taking over the marque in 1947. What's more, with its wonderful twin-cam six-cylinder engine, the DB 2/4 was one of the most expensive cars on the market : in France, a cabriolet cost 3,355,000 francs, against 2,275,000 francs for a Jaguar XK 120 and 2,822,000 francs for a Lancia Aurelia Spider. 

The car on offer, a left-hand drive example, was sold new by the Mirabeau garage to M. Bernard Malle who lived in the 16th arrondissement in Paris. A maintenance record shows various works carried out at 9,415 km, possibly by Aston Martin in England. This car has been looked after very attentively and has probably always been kept in France. In 2003 it belonged to a collector from Barbizon who bought it from a Parisian collector who had owned the car for more than ten years. It came into the hands of the previous owner in February 2011, having been restored, and the car is presented today in attractive dark green livery. The car is fitted with wire wheels with drum brakes, comes with its toolkit and features a nice and patinated beige leather upholstery. The high-quality and sophisticated finishing complements the car's sporty temperament. The subsequent series were more bourgeois, whereas this model exudes the essence of what drove the marque to victory in the Le Mans 24 Hour Race in 1959. The next owner will appreciate the nice presentation of a car that was delivered new in France.

1957 Aston Martin DB2/4 MkIII 1957 Aston Martin DB2/4 MkIII 1957 Aston Martin DB2/4 MkIII

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Italian title 

Chassis n°110F2542209 

  • Superb restoration 
  • Clever improvements 
  • Luxury vintage urban car 
  • No reserve 

In 1957 the "Piccola grande auto" was launched by Fiat which gave wheels to all of Italy. The car became very popular and attracted people from all walks of life thanks to its irresistible aesthetics and the simplicity of its mechanicals. 

The Fiat 500 we are offering is incredible. Completely redone by the engineer of an important collector from Milan, the latter had one example made for each of his children, in the spirit of what Vicarage do to Jaguar. This 'a la carte' customization, combines improvements, modernization and the use of quality materials. The green leather interior is thus lavish and has been executed by an Italian upholsterer. The dashboard has been prepared with black leather in the style of what Abarth made. Moreover, several upgrades have been added, such as power windows. The mechanicals have also been tuned and the car is now a real little bomb that can easily keep up with modern traffic. In its distinctive metallic green this Fiat 500, which can be used like any modern car, will seduce collectors who want to enjoy one of the iconic cars of the 20th century.

1970 Fiat 500 Speziale 1970 Fiat 500 Speziale 1970 Fiat 500 Speziale

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French title 

Chassis # 1003811 

  • Comprehensively restored 
  • Rare and sought after model 
  • Distinctive driving sensations 
  • No reserve 

Registered on 2 October 1967, this Honda S800, which has just benefited from a comprehensive restoration, is in a particularly enviable condition. Its history is quite clear, the car has known only three owners in the past 37 years and its current owner, a former professional, acquired the car in 2003. He undertook in recent years a complete restoration. The body was completely disassembled and stripped for a refurbishment and of course, a new coat of grey. The interior was entrusted to an upholsterer. The black upholstery, the carpets and the headliner have been redone. The numerous mechanical works include the refurbishment of the engine with new pistons, as well of the clutch, the brakes and the radiator. The car is in a beautiful condition, and the mechanicals still need to be honed. The file that comes with the car includes invoices, as well as a fairly complete folder with photos of the restoration process. The limited availability of parts makes the refitting of a Honda S800 quite a demanding job. Rare are the opportunities to acquire such a beautiful example of this Japanese sportster that will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

1967 Honda S800 Coupé 1967 Honda S800 Coupé 1967 Honda S800 Coupé

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French title 

Chassis No. BEX 211 

Engine No. 100D 533 

  • High-quality restoration, "matching numbers" 
  • Eligible in all major historical events 
  • The perfect English roadster 
  • Coming from the collection of an enthusiast from South of France 

The car on sale is an export model as shown by the last two letters of the serial number (EX), and a certificate dated from 1989 from the AC factory confirms that it was ordered new by Foreign Cars in Detroit, USA, by an American diplomat living in England. It was painted in Oxford Blue then, as it is now, but the upholstery was black. It was certainly delivered on the old continent as the car later participated in some club races in England before being imported to the US, where it continued to be used on the East Coast. The car was in Pennsylvania kept away by the owner for his son, who was to return from Vietnam, but the son never came back… The car's second owner, a certain Bertram Y. Welsh from Washington kept the car till 1978. The car was then sold to a Mr Reckers so that he could participate in historic events, and prepared for this purpose but ultimately saw only road use. The colour then was an Old English white. The crankshaft was replaced by a new one and the damper replaced by a more modern "Fluidamp." All moving parts had Magnaflux passed through and the car after a first restoration ultimately was put to use only for the road. Then the car stood on the blocks for nine years and was sold in 2005 to a demanding collector, an avid Bugatti enthusiast, who undertook the current high quality restoration according to the rules of art. 

It is equipped with an oil cooler, a Kenlowe fan, Michelin X tyres, three air filters, Guilford Yokes cap and Solex carburetors. The electrical circuit is new and it comes with a battery cut-off. The upholstery is complete with a tonneau cover and removable side windows. An invoice file since 1977 comes with the car, as well as pictures of the restoration and copies of its title for the Belgian and the American ownership period. This AC Bristol, beautifully restored, is the archetype of the efficient and elegant British roadster, light, elegant line recalling the legendary Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta.

1956 AC Bristol roadster 1956 AC Bristol roadster 1956 AC Bristol roadster

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Delahaye 235 coach Chapron, Collection Roger Baillon
No reserve

French title

Chassis # 818080

Chapron No. 7040

  • A piece of history
  • Sound car, with beautifully preserved interior
  • No reserve
  • From The Baillon Collection

This Delahaye 235 is definitely a rare example and, under the dust that has accumulated over 40 years of nonuse in the Roger Baillon castle, the car appears to be complete and sound on its wire wheels. Nothing has been touched or vandalized, the engine contains its accessories, but the best surprise is the interior: except for a tear in the passenger door and the bottom of the driver's door, the seat leather is well preserved and has a beautiful patina with a manufacturing quality that shows the quality of Henri Chapron. The dashboard instruments look complete, with the exception of the radio. The odometer shows 40,618km, and in the trunk, we found the spare wheel, jack and crank. Jean-Paul Tissot, the president of Delahaye Club and author of the book "Delahaye, la belle carrosserie française" indicated us about the production of this model: "Except for the convertibles and coupes 235 made by Henri Chapron, this coachbuilder produced just 41 sedans of this final production model Delahaye, out of a total production of about 85/86 chassis 235 between 1951 and 1954. Of these 41 sedans, I have counted 33 "factory" sedans, offered by Delahaye directly for sale, like chassis no. 818080, which is on offer." This extremely rare sedan is one of the last witnesses amongst the achievements of this great brand, and of one of the most famous French collections ever.

Photos: Copyright Dirk de Jager

Delahaye 235 coach Chapron Delahaye 235 coach Chapron Delahaye 235 coach Chapron

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French title 

Chassis n° 672220 

Engine n°W4978-8 

  • A dream roadster, with stunning original colour combination 
  • " Matching numbers " 
  • Superb presentation 
  • Coming from the collection of an enthusiast from South of France 

The horrors of World War Two were still a recent memory when the Jaguar XK 120 hit the headlines at the London Motor Show in 1948. It was an immediate success, both in Europe and across the Atlantic where it became a favorite with the celebrities. 

This sublime roadster does, in fact, hail from California. Presented in its original colour combination, Birch grey with red leather interior, the car benefitted from a high level restoration at the start of the 1990s, detailed in a comprehensive file of invoices and photos. Mechanically, the car was completely rebuilt, with work carried out on the engine, clutch, brakes, running gear, and electrics. The chassis and engine identification numbers are matching. It has been fitted with a more powerful cylinder head, and the original head will be included in the sale. The car comes with its Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust certificate, validating its provenance, as well as an original tool kit, owner's manual, tonneau-cover and flexible windows. This roadster is full of charm, and is one of the finest XK 120s available today.

1952 Jaguar XK 120 roadster 1952 Jaguar XK 120 roadster 1952 Jaguar XK 120 roadster

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French title 

Chassis n° 110F8098382 

  • 3 meters, but 4 seats, ideal for the city 
  • Both charming and agile 
  • Numerous work executed 
  • No reserve 

Autobianchi's first model was the Bianchina, directed mainly at a feminine clientele, specifically from Italian high society who wanted a small car, easy to drive. The Bianchina was based on the Fiat 500's platform and mechanicals. This sedan model Berline F is relatively rare in France, produced between 1965 and 1969, with around 38,500 units built. This is a four-seater version of the Bianchina and is just 3.02 meters long, and was named Lutèce in France. 

This car was used until 1989, and still has its year sticker on the windscreen. It was then stored and was then fully repainted a shade of cream in 2014, receiving a new interior in caramel, and was the subject of numerous jobs (plus new 5 Michelin tires, new brakes, new headlamps, shocks, chrome, etc) and the 499cc engine was replaced by a 650cc unit which is more tractable for an urban use. The car is being sold with its cover and has a front bumper protection, a rare original accessory. It is now being used on the Côte d'Azur in the South of France to get to the market on Sunday mornings. As its owner has acquired two other cars recently, he has no choice but to let go this one, to make space for the others in his collection...

1967 Autobianchi Bianchina Lutèce 1967 Autobianchi Bianchina Lutèce 1967 Autobianchi Bianchina Lutèce

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French title 

Châssis n° 801641 

Moteur n° 801641 

  • A rare Gascogne coach by Dubos 
  • In the same family since 1959 
  • Presented in correct condition, sunroof 
  • No reserve 

This Delahaye 135 M coupé is a rare and elegant Gascogne coach built by the coachbuilder Dubos. It was first registered on 10 November 1951, and comes with a lovely history. The car was bought in 1959 by three youngsters who were passionate about the marque and has stayed with the same family ever since. One of the three, who ultimately became the sole owner, completely restored the car in a project completed towards the end of the 1990s. Since his death in the early 2000s, the car has only been driven occasionally but has been stored in good conditions. Presented in black with wire wheels, the leather interior in two shades of brown is nicely patinated and appears to be original. The Delahaye has a Cotal gearbox, a rare sunroof and comes with a new set of carpets. Restored some years ago, it has been conserved in good condition, the underbody is sound and the whole car presents well. It has just been put back on the road and the future owner will need to carry out a general mechanical check. Here is a great opportunity to enjoy the refined elegance of a rare Gasgogne version of this 135M with great history.

1951 Delahaye 135 M Coach Gascogne par Dubos 1951 Delahaye 135 M Coach Gascogne ... 1951 Delahaye 135 M Coach Gascogne par Dubos

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1981 Aston Martin Lagonda Série 1 

No reserve 

Carte grise française 

Châssis n° LOOL13083 

Moteur n° V/580/3083 

- Bel état d'origine, vendue neuve en France 

- La plus puissante des 4 séries, matching number 

- Encore très abordable, un vrai " collector " 

- Sans réserve 

La très ancienne marque britannique Lagonda, victorieuse des 24 h du Mans 1935 a été achetée en même temps que la marque Aston Martin en 1947 par l'industriel David Brown. L'Aston Martin Lagonda apparaît sans aucun doute comme l'une des productions les plus excentriques de Newport Pagnell. Dès le milieu des années 60, une berline 4 portes est mise en chantier, elle ne débouchera que sur un prototype en 1969 avant que le projet soit abandonné. En 1974 une série de Lagonda 4 portes sera bien lancée mais seul cinq exemplaires seront produits. En 1975, alors que la marque vient de déposer le bilan, on laisse carte blanche à William Towns pour développer un projet avant-gardiste et moderniser l'image de la marque. L'Aston Martin Lagonda aux lignes cunéiformes et futuristes sera présentée en 1976 avant d'être produite en 1978. La voiture à la fois longue (5,25m) et basse (1,30m) est une vitrine technologique pour la marque. 

Face aux problèmes de mises au point rencontrés sur la 1ère série, la 2ème série apparût à partir de 1984, sera fiabilisée et le système d'électronique embarqué revu. Le puissant V8 de 5,3L de 320 chevaux accouplé à une boite automatique 3 rapports Torqueflite de marque Chrysler est capable de propulser cette berline imposante mais racée à plus de 230 km/h. 

La voiture de la vente a été vendue neuve à Monaco par British Motors dans cette élégante combinaison de couleurs, gris Blenheim, cuir bleu marine et appartient aujourd'hui à un collaborateur de la maison de vente. Elle est équipée de son tableau de bord à LED toujours un peu capricieux mais elle est la représentante du premier jet, car souvent la 1ère série d'un modèle est celle qui obtient la meilleure cote auprès des vrais amateurs de la marque car elle est souvent plus racée, plus puissante et propose des solutions technologiques plus audacieuses. 645 exemplaires tous modèles confondus ont été réalisés entre 1974 et 1990. 

Merci de noter que la voiture est vendue sans contrôle technique. 

French title 

Chassis n° LOOL13083 

Engine n° v/580/3083 

- Very good original condition, sold new in France 

- The most powerful of all series, matching number 

- Still very affordable, a true collector 

- No reserve 

The Aston Martin Lagonda is without a doubt one of the most eccentric cars ever made by Newport Pagnell. From the mid-1960s, a 4-door saloon was under construction, but it only made it to the prototype stage in 1969 just before the project was shelved. In 1974, a Series 4 four-door Lagonda was launched but only 7 models were ever built. 

In 1975, when the brand had just filed a petition for bankruptcy, William Towns was given carte blanche to develop an avant-garde project and modernize the brand's image. The Aston Martin Lagonda, with edgy and futuristic lines, was unveiled in 1976 and brought to market in 1978. The car, which is both long (5.25m) and low (1.30m), was a technological showcase for the brand. 

Faced with development problems with the Series 1, the Series 2 model, which was released from 1984, was made more reliable and the onboard computer was revised. The powerful 5.3L V8 offering 300 hp coupled with a 3-speed Torqueflite automatic gearbox made by Chrysler was able to propel this gigantic but elegant saloon to more than 230 km/h. 

This Lagonda was sold new in Monaco by British Motors in this colour combination, Bleinheim silver, dark blue leather. It belongs today to an associate of the auction house. It is fitted with the typical LED instruments dashboard from the early series. Usually, the first batch of cars get the best value because they are often more racy, more powerful and offer advanced technical devices. Only 645 cars have been manufactured between 1974 and 1990. 

Photos: Copyright Christian Martin

1981 Aston Martin Lagonda Série 1 1981 Aston Martin Lagonda Série 1 1981 Aston Martin Lagonda Série 1

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